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Straight Run Unsexed- Cornish Cross Broiler
  • The cornish cross broiler chicken offers very low feed conversion and great growth rates, as well as thriving on less costly feed. These properties provide a very low cost per pound of bodyweight produced.


    These chicks perform exceptionally well on pasture, but can be raised to full weight in a conventional house as well. 


    Our day old chicks are hatched and shipped on the same day.


    Each chick is given hydration gel for the ride to the farm. 


    Straight Run Unsexed- Cornish Cross Broiler

    PriceFrom $49.90
    • For orders of more than 500 please CONTACT US!

    • FREE SHIPPING!* (To most locations)

      Our chicks will be packaged in specialty live bird shipping boxes with hydration gel for the ride. To avoid over heating the chicks, it is a USPS policy that they will hold the chicks at your local post office and call you for pickup. 

      *Some shipping zones require an additional shipping charge based on the distance from the hatchery,

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